Sunday, August 28, 2016

Umpire last night

Last night I was able to finally sit down and enjoy a Tigers baseball game, the issue was, the home plate umpire made the game not enjoyable. By the 5th inning, Tigers had 4 members ejected, designated hitter Victor Martinez, manager Brad Ausmus, hitting coach Wally Joyner, and right fielder J.D. Martinez. Now, if the ejection is warranted, I am all for it, if the player or coach is up in the umpires face, throw him out, but J.D. should not have been thrown out. From the articles I read about the game this morning, JD turned around after a boarder line call, said to the umpire "You must be having a rough day." Umpire asked him to repeat, so he did, and was tossed. If that is what was really said, I am sorry, but that ejection is not warranted. If he was vulgar, or attacking the umpire or his family, okay, I get it, but to eject someone because they said you are not having a good day is not right.

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